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Whether it is a last minute gift or event or worry about stocking too much bulk? ChillTee offers no MOQ for any item available in our catalogue! We are flexible and suit your needs.

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We have way more in store that the items we listed on the website.  Don’t be shy! Write us a note and let us know what you want. We are happy and excited to hear your thoughts and be a part of your project!


we've gathered some of the questions that are most asked by our customers. hope it helps!
Congratulation on your first step! We know how hard it is to setup a new business. ChillTee is happy to assist you with your big launch. We offer custom label and stickers service for your business. Give us a call or send us an email for more details.
24hrs express service is available for office pick-up only and on the basis of the required quantity, size and colour available in our warehouse.
We can handle any file type, but we prefer AI, PDF, and PNG file format with a minimum resolution of 300DPI. We prefer high resolution. The maximum printing area is 13″ x 15″ or equivalent to be A4 size paper.
We are unable to revise your order that has been successfully processed as each product is customised. Please use the Preview button to see how your ordered item(s) will look and carefully review all details before placing your order.
Our customise platform allows customer to preview their product prior to checkout. Please note that the details of your design will be treated as approved upon the completion of payment. Shall there be any special request(s) or concern(s), email or contact us via the black notification button on the lower left of the page now. *Colors of the actual product(s) may vary depending on your monitor or phone screen settings and resolution.