We craft stories.

It all started in high school…… We all have once been cheeky and suffered by cheekiness, and as a good laugh, my friends pulled a joke on me (during my toilet trip) by squeezing the juice out of the sliced lemons from my lemon tea onto my fried chicken and left the squeezed lemon on my chicken to test my baseline.

Just when I was on the edge from exploding, my friends cheered “why so serious!” and giggled cheekily. As a broke student, I have no choice but to have this dish for my lunch, however, miracle happens! In fact, the lemon hadn’t only freshen the fried chicken, it gave a special and unique taste to my dish and it was the best dish I had ever had in my life!~ Lemon, like human, is just waiting for matching elements to unveil its potential to add flavours to our emotions.



We always believe that the synonym for t-shirt is Summer.  A time for you to project, whilst splashing in the chill and laidback vibe to any occasions.  At ChillTee, we've go you covered with the highly selected t-shirts and totebags that are essential to everyone's wardrobe.

Originally, we deem to start a conversation with our collection and let you laugh it off with a "Why so serious" attitude.  T-shirt should never be boring, same and repetitive, so we have taken it to the next level. 

And now, the fun is in you!  With over hundreds of design template and millions of possibility, all is left for you to add creativity onto what we offer!  Stay chill, our team is at your service because we print your ideas!!